CoreMed is building a community of like minded healthcare professionals that are dedicated to providing the highest level of healthcare to their friends, neighbors, and communities.

We're continuing to expand our reach into new regions and are looking for Direct Primary Care Providers, Physical Therapists, Mental Health Counselors, Dentists, Pharmacists, and Imaging Professionals, who share the same vision about healthcare.

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What is CoreMed?

CoreMed is a company providing innovative healthcare solutions through a Membership Healthcare model and Health Cost Sharing company. We are currently serving Montana with our Primary Memberships and residents nationwide with our Catastrophic Membership. **Washington State Residents are excluded from all memberships

What is Membership Healthcare?

Membership Healthcare is a new way to get the care you need. Through your monthly membership fee, you gain access to local health providers. Instead of paying insurance premiums and deductibles, you pay a flat membership fee.

What is Health Cost Sharing

Health Cost Sharing is an affordable way to pay for major health events such as surgeries, pregnancy and childbirth, and hospitalization, etc.
Each month the members contribute a fixed amount towards the sharing community. Then, when a member has a medical need, the cost-sharing community steps in to ensure the need is met.
There is currently over $1 Billion shared each year in the Health Cost Sharing industry.

What is Zion Health?

Zion Health is a health cost sharing company that CoreMed Health partners with to cover your major heath events.

Why should I choose CoreMed?

Core Healthcare is an affordable program that truly promotes wellness, regardless of your current life situation. We believe in giving the power back to the people when it comes to your healthcare needs.

Can I keep my current primary care provider under CoreMed Health?

With a CoreMed Health membership, you have access to local providers who provide a high standard of care. If you choose to keep your current provider, and he or she is not part of the CoreMed Health program, those visits will not be covered by your CoreMed Health membership.

What is the process for accessing medical care and services through CoreMed Health?

Upon enrollment, our members have access to a member portal which contains program information, along with all of the available providers in their area. Accessing care is as easy as calling one of the providers and scheduling an appointment time that is most convenient for you.

I am a business owner, if I choose to offer CoreMed Health to my employees, is there a minimum number that must enroll?

CoreMed Health is truly customizable for all of our members, both individuals and businesses. Businesses are able to offer CoreMed Health to eligible employees and have the flexibility of building whatever plan works best for their team.

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