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CoreMed brings affordable, transparent, and comprehensive healthcare memberships to the State of Montana and beyond! We prioritize your well-being through local providers and community support, making quality healthcare accessible.

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  • Primary + Catastrophic Combined

Singular Membership Plans

  • Regional Accessible Healthcare

  • Major Medical and Preventive Care

Regional Accessible Healthcare


Our Primary Membership includes complete, personalized healthcare with regular check-ups, preventive care, direct access to your doctor, and additional services like mental health support and physical therapy, all for a simple monthly fee.

Available in 5 regions across the state of Montana

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Major Medical and Preventive Care


Life can be full of surprises, and sometimes these are health emergencies that we didn't see coming. CoreMed's Catastrophic Coverage is like a strong shield for these tough times. It makes sure that when big health problems happen, you have the support you need and you're not facing them all by yourself.

Available in all states except Washington

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Full Access to Health


For our Comprehensive membership, we've combined our Primary and Catastrophic memberships to provide everything you need to feel secure for you and your family.

Available in 5 regions across the state of Montana

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Memberships are available for individuals and families of all sizes

  • Individuals

  • Individuals + Dependants

  • Families