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Our Primary Membership includes complete, personalized healthcare with regular check-ups, preventive care, direct access to your doctor, and additional services like mental health support and physical therapy, all for a simple monthly fee.

Membership Features

Providing a local healthcare team


Our providers are essential to the mission of CoreMed and establishing a meaningful connection between our local members and our healthcare specialists.

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DPC Primary Care

Call your doctor anytime. As a matter of fact, that’s the point of a DPC membership, being able to reach your doctor whenever a concern comes up. A quick call with your DPC can determine if you need emergency care, or what other options there may be. The solution could be a next day appointment, or a TeleMed health visit.

Unlimited Wellness Visits

Maintain a preventive approach with regular wellness checks, vital in catching potential health issues early and maintaining optimum health.

Chronic Disease Management

Personalized, continuous care for chronic conditions, ensuring your health never takes a backseat.

Sick Visit

Prompt attention for unexpected illnesses, with compassionate care at the core.

Physical Therapy

Pain Management

Cutting-edge techniques ensure effective pain alleviation, restoring quality of life.

Functional Movement Testing

A proactive approach to body health, identifying potential movement concerns and charting out preventive strategies.

Mental Health

Mindful wellness for acute psychological treatments, not intended for long term therapy

Depression & Anxiety Management

Expert-driven approaches for these common yet challenging conditions, ensuring resilience and recovery.


**only available in the Flathead Valley and Eureka

Bi-Annual Cleanings & Annual Exams

Preventive care at its best, ensuring oral health issues are detected and addressed promptly.


1 dental x-ray is included per year.

Discounted Procedures

A vast range of dental treatments, from cosmetic to therapeutic, available at exclusive member rates.


Our provided services are here to assist your local healthcare team in providing you with complete care

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Pharmacy Services

A seamless, transparent approach to medication and pharmacy services.


Streamlined access to vital medications, ensuring therapeutic continuity.

Discounted Pharmacy Rates

Quality medications without the hefty price tag, ensuring affordability.

Medication Counseling

Comprehensive guidance on medication regiments, enhancing understanding and compliance.

*Check out our list of covered prescriptions here*


Offering a broad range of lab tests at your disposal through your Direct Primary Care (DPC) provider

Covered up to $60 per month


Diagnostic excellence, now more accessible and convenient than ever.

X-Rays & EKGs

Swift and efficient diagnostic tools, minimizing wait times and ensuring timely interventions.

Discounted Ultrasounds

Precision imaging at pocket-friendly rates, ensuring the best care without financial strain.

Home Service

Bringing advanced diagnostics right to your doorstep, combining convenience with care.

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