Major Medical and Preventive care

For life's unexpected moments

Life can sometimes surprise us with big health problems that we didn't expect. CoreMed's Catastrophic Membership is like a strong protector for those tough times. It's there to make sure you have the help you need and don't have to face big health issues by yourself.

*Available for residents of all states except for Washington State*

CoreMed's Catastrophic Membership, backed by Zion HealthShare, is a membership for big health emergencies, like serious sickness or injuries. Zion HealthShare helps share medical costs, making it less expensive for members. This membership means you're well taken care of for everyday health needs and ready for any big health surprises.

What is Zion HealthShare?

Zion HealthShare is a medical cost sharing community where members agree to share medical expenses through voluntary giving. Unlike insurance, the focus of Zion HealthShare is to provide an avenue for members to help each other bear their immediate healthcare expenses. Since the 1980s, health share programs have grown as a low-cost alternative to health insurance. A health share is a group of people who have agreed to help with each other’s medical costs.

Membeship Details

Available for individuals and families of all sizes

Choose from Three IUA Memberships

An IUA is the amount you will pay when you incur medical expenses deemed eligible for sharing. Once your paid medical expenses rise above the threshold of your IUA, the eligible medical costs become shareable with the community. This can be similarly compared to an insurance deductible.

The lower your IUA, the higher your monthly contribution will be.

  • Memberships Starting at $210

  • Memberships Starting at $150

  • Memberships Starting at $130


Sharing Details

Pre-Membership Conditions

A pre-membership medical condition is anything for which a member has been examined, been diagnosed, taken medication, had symptoms, or received medical treatment within the 24 months prior to their membership start date. Sharing requests related to pre-membership medical conditions are only shareable if the condition was regarded as cured and did not require treatment or present symptoms for 24 months prior to the membership start date.
High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes (types 1 and 2) are not considered pre-membership medical conditions as long as the member has not been hospitalized for the condition in the 12 months prior to joining, and the member is able to control the condition through medication and diet.
Shareable amount for pre-membership conditions:
Year One: $0 (waiting period)
Year Two: $25,000 maximum per sharing request
Year Three: $50,000 maximum per sharing request
Year Four: $125,000 maximum per sharing request

**Check out Zion HeathShare Pre-Membership Condition Guidelines Here**


Conception occurring prior to membership start date is ineligible for sharing. Pregnancy existing prior to membership is not shareable. As with any other sharing request, expectant mothers pay a single IUA for all expenses related to their maternity sharing request. Shareable expenses may be related to miscarriage, prenatal care, postnatal care, and delivery.
Abortions and fertility treatments are not considered to be a shareable need.

**Check out Zion HealthShare Maternity Sharing Guidelines here**

Preventive Care

“Annual provider visits and other preventive services are available to you without the need to meet your IUA.
Sharing for an annual provider visit is available upon membership start date and every twelve (12) months from the shareable visit date.
Sharing is limited to the services
provided during the office visit only, up to $175.
One preventive, annual mammogram at no additional cost beginning at age 40. Mammograms are shareable after 6 months of continuous membership.
Sharing for colorectal cancer screening is available every ten (10) years beginning at the age of forty-
five (45) and after six (6) months of continuous membership. Home colorectal cancer screening tests such as high sensitivity gFOBT (guaiac fecal occult blood
test), FIT (fecal immunochemical test), and sDNA-FIT (stool DNA and fecal immunochemical test) are shareable beginning at the age of 45 and after six (6) months of continuous membership.
Youth Immunizations (up to 18 years old) are shareable after 6 months of continuous membership or upon birth if born through an eligible Maternity Sharing Request.

**Check out Zion HealthShare Preventive Sharing Benefits Here**

Zion HealthShare is not an insurance company. Neither this publication nor membership in Zion HealthShare are offered by an insurance company. Visit to view your state specific notice.


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