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Getting to Know the Zion HealthShare Mission

Getting to Know the Zion HealthShare Mission

Getting to Know The Zion HealthShare Mission

Zion HealthShare has reimagined what medical cost sharing can be. At one time, around 100 years ago, a HealthShare looked more like a neighborhood or congregation that would pool donated funds to help members with health concerns.

Later, as more formal HealthShare organizations were formed, they started to show that the general concept of medical cost sharing could be an effective alternative to traditional healthcare strategies. Unfortunately, these budding HealthShares were often exclusive—completely unavailable to many people.

Building Zion HealthShare

Zion HealthShare came on the scene in 2019. Our founder had experience working with other HealthShare organizations and realized that there were many areas where he thought they could do better. One of these areas was inclusivity.

By redefining what a HealthShare could offer to its members, he created a HealthShare community built around a shared set of personal standards, healthy living, inclusivity, and personal responsibility.

The Zion HealthShare story is one of community, a community designed to help members enjoy the freedom, flexibility, and stability of community medical cost sharing while keeping more money in their own pockets. In our Member Guidelines, we share our goal to be the preferred HealthShare—a community that our members love being a part of and that makes it easy to get the best care.

It is no surprise that Zion HealthShare has since become the fastest-growing, top-rated HealthShare in the nation.

High Ratings

Zion HealthShare learned a lot from the organizations that came before it. We learned what works well, and what gaps needed to be filled. Here are just a few reasons why Zion HealthShare has done so well and continues to make members happy.

  • Zion HealthShare accepts everyone. Members are not declined for their background or religious beliefs. What binds our community together is our like-minded approach to managing medical costs.
  • Zion HealthShare boasts a quick turnaround time for sharing requests. Usually, sharing requests are processed in 5 days—a record in the HealthShare community. Whenever possible, we even like to pre-pay for services or pay at the time of service.
  • Zion HealthShare empowers members to work with any provider without penalty for going “out-of-network.” We even take this one step further by sharing medical costs incurred outside the United States.
  • Zion HealthShare gives members the freedom to pay their monthly contribution in a number of ways, including directly to Zion HealthShare or through an employer.
  • Zion HealthShare offers unlimited sharing. That’s right, there are no annual or lifetime limits on shareable expenses.
  • Above all, we are highly rated because we focus on caring for our members when they need us most

Continuing Our Mission

As you can see, we have set the bar pretty high. So, how do we measure up to our own standards?

“Zion HealthShare offers superior quality service to our community. Our goal is to change the healthcare industry by connecting like-minded individuals to an innovative and affordable medical cost sharing community. We are a community that employees are proud to be a part of, medical professionals prefer for their patients, and members love and recommend to their family and friends.”

From the beginning, we wanted to set the standard for medical cost sharing, and that’s exactly what we will continue to do.

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