CoreMed Expands to Billings, MT: Bringing Innovative Healthcare Closer to You

CoreMed Expands to Billings, MT: Bringing Innovative Healthcare Closer to You

 In the heart of Montana, a revolution in healthcare is underway. CoreMed, a leader in innovative health solutions, is thrilled to announce its expansion to Billings, bringing a new era of personalized, patient-centered care to the community. This significant milestone reflects CoreMed's commitment to transforming healthcare delivery, emphasizing affordability, accessibility, and the highest standards of care.

Nathan Purdy, MDHS, a Montana native and visionary at CoreMed, encapsulates the excitement surrounding this launch, "We're not just expanding services; we're nurturing a healthier, more connected community here in Billings." CoreMed's approach is revolutionary, focusing on direct relationships between patients and healthcare providers through its acclaimed healthcare plans: Primary, Catastrophic, and Comprehensive Memberships.

CoreMed Healthcare Billings MT

A New Era of Healthcare in Billings

The decision to bring CoreMed to Billings was no coincidence. It's a strategic move fueled by the understanding that the residents of Montana deserve more from their healthcare system. "Our goal is to bridge the gap in healthcare delivery by offering services that are deeply integrated with the community's needs," Purdy explains. The introduction of CoreMed's services to Billings is a beacon of change, promising a healthcare experience rooted in understanding, compassion, and tailored care.

Direct Primary Care: The Core of CoreMed's Model

Central to CoreMed's innovative approach is the emphasis on Direct Primary Care (DPC). This model is revolutionary, fostering a closer, more personal relationship between patients and healthcare providers. Unlike traditional healthcare, DPC eliminates the barriers often imposed by insurance companies, allowing for more time with providers, transparent pricing, and a focus on preventive care.

Dr. Robert S. Wagenaar, with 24 years of dedication to family medicine, embodies the spirit of DPC at CoreMed. His extensive experience and commitment to patient care make him an invaluable asset to the CoreMed team and the Billings community. "It's about bringing healthcare back to its roots – personal, accessible, and centered around the patient," says Dr. Wagenaar.

Local Partnerships: Strengthening Billings' Healthcare Network

CoreMed's philosophy extends beyond individual care, fostering partnerships with local healthcare providers to offer a comprehensive suite of services. Jeffrey Smith, DPT, PT at Alpenglow Physical Therapy, and Kyle Austin of 406 Pharmacy, exemplify these partnerships. Smith's passion for quality physical therapy services and Austin's innovative approach to pharmaceutical solutions, including compliance bundling and free daily delivery, enrich CoreMed's offerings.

These collaborations ensure that CoreMed members in Billings have access to a full spectrum of healthcare services, from preventive care and physical therapy to customized pharmaceutical solutions and advanced diagnostic imaging provided by Big Sky Imaging.

Comprehensive Membership Plans for Every Need

CoreMed’s approach to healthcare in Billings is encapsulated in its three membership plans, each designed with the community’s diverse healthcare needs in mind. These plans—Primary, Catastrophic, and Comprehensive—are the pillars of CoreMed’s mission to provide affordable, accessible, and high-quality care.

CoreMed Membership Options

Primary Membership: Everyday Health and Wellness The Primary Membership is the foundation of CoreMed’s services, offering unlimited access to Direct Primary Care. This plan is perfect for individuals and families seeking regular medical oversight, preventive care, and immediate access to healthcare professionals for routine health concerns. With the Primary Membership, members enjoy a suite of benefits including unlimited doctor visits with no co-pay, routine lab tests, and wellness checks, all under the guidance of dedicated professionals like Dr. Wagenaar.

Catastrophic Membership: Protection When You Need It Most Life’s unpredictability calls for a safety net, and CoreMed’s Catastrophic Membership provides just that. Designed for those unexpected, major health events, this plan ensures that members have access to essential healthcare services in times of need. The Catastrophic Membership is an invaluable resource for peace of mind, offering coverage for significant medical emergencies and supporting members through challenging times with compassionate care and comprehensive medical attention.

CoreMed Catastrophic

Comprehensive Membership: All-Inclusive Care The Comprehensive Membership is CoreMed’s most extensive plan, combining the benefits of the Primary and Catastrophic Memberships. This all-encompassing package is ideal for individuals and families looking for complete healthcare coverage. From day-to-day health management to emergency medical services, the Comprehensive Membership covers all bases, ensuring that members’ health and wellness needs are fully met throughout the year.

CoreMed Business: Elevating Workplace Wellness Understanding the importance of a healthy workforce, CoreMed introduces CoreMed Business—a specialized service designed to meet the healthcare needs of local businesses and their employees. CoreMed Business provides employers in Billings a cost-effective way to offer high-quality healthcare benefits, contributing to a happier, healthier workforce.

CoreMed Business members have access to the same exceptional care and services as individual members, including Direct Primary Care, physical therapy sessions, imaging services, labs, and comprehensive pharmaceutical care. This initiative not only supports employee health and wellness but also positions local businesses as employers of choice in the competitive job market.

A Healthier Future for Billings The introduction of CoreMed’s membership plans and CoreMed Business to Billings represents a pivotal moment in healthcare for the community. CoreMed’s innovative approach, centered on personalized care and local partnerships, offers a new path to wellness and health security for individuals, families, and businesses alike.

As CoreMed grows its roots in Billings, it invites the community to join in a shared vision of health and wellness, where every resident has access to quality care tailored to their needs. With a focus on prevention, accessibility, and comprehensive coverage, CoreMed is set to make a lasting impact on the health landscape of Billings.

For more detailed information about each membership plan or to learn more about how CoreMed Business can benefit your company, visit or reach out directly at Join us on our mission to transform healthcare in Billings—one patient, one family, one business at a time.

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